RADventure2 (Part 4.. /3): Panna ... Wild & Wonderful ..in pics... (10-13 October 2016)

Panna - Wild & Wonderful 
(Part4.. /3 contd)

  • October 10 - 13, 2016
  • Panna - Wildlife
  • Day3 & 4

This section is a potpourri of photographs taken during our trip to Panna. 

Disclaimer - I do not claim to be an expert photographer nor do I claim to be an expert in identifying birds, but I am quite passionate about both. 

Have tried my best, and I am keen to learn. So please feel free to comment, guide, point out my mistakes and educate. I shall be ever grateful to you. 


Beauty & diversity of a land so divine - Panna Reserve Forest

Medley of forest - wild & fresh

Rockies & Savannah 

Falls that impress

And silently flows KEN - (aka Karnavati) meanders ~55Km within the park

Oberoi Rajgarh Palace - built by Maharaja Hinu Pat Shah of the Bundela dynasty, is situated on the slopes of the 'Managad hills' near Chhatarpur district, MP

Panna Tiger Resort- on the banks of Ken river - as seen from the Reserve Forest end

Milky way hanging over the wall

in jungle deep a placid lake scatters the sliver of a rising sun 
... adapted from Suhas Kumar's Poem - Jungle Deep 
(a poem dedicated to the Jungle of Pench)

Almost 50% of the Park constitutes Archaeans and Proterozoic structures  (2500 - 1600 Million Year formation), and thereby rich in Gems, Diamond and minerals

Colosia Argentea - a common weed throughout India also known as Wool Flower

Also known as Silver Cockscomb (Ceslosia Argentea)

Weaving Bird's nest .. safe & secure


A Serpent Eagle awaiting its prey

Common Buzzard

That intrigued look in its eyes ... Long Legged Buzzard disturbed by our presence 

Indian Long Billed Vulture

Other Birds & Fauna 

Common Hoopoe

Indian Roller (also known as Neelkantha)

Swamp Francolin

Red-Wattled Lapwing

Small Bee - eater

Paddyfield Pipit

Indian Vulture at its nest

Flock of Egrets .... coordinated hunt

Black headed Bulbul
Indian Treepie

Black Drongo

White-Bellied Treepie

Plum Headed Parakeet
Indian Pea Fowl (Peacock)

Off bristles & grunts ... Wild Boar

 Barasingha Doe (Swamp Deer female)

Stare in wonder ... Sambar Doe 


Intricacies of Life

A worthy day 

Panna Reserve Forest ... hope to be there again