RADventure ..the begining


Outdoors with nature has been a key attribute of my life.
Since my father was an army officer it was a standard practice during our childhood, to pack bags every 2 years and move to a new destination. With every new location, as part and parcel came a new school, new friends, new surroundings and new adventure. Over the years this got ingrained into my DNA.

As I took charge of my professional career, this continuous move (travel) has remained a constant companion. During all these years we moved across many places, we changed many a dwelling  and being in a business development role, travelled the world.

My better half 'Runa' has been a great supporter and insisted on taking breaks to de-stress and chill out.  Everytime we changed locations, she had to bear the brunt and manage all finer details, so that the pack remained fit and healthy. She has been perhaps the stabilising factor in every move, every trip that we have made and was the reality check for my idiosyncrasies.

This constant yearning to get to do something new and exciting, to venture into the unknown became stronger once my children flew into their own professional world. Thus was born RADventure! The chronicles of our adventure & explorations. This is a travelogue of various trips since 2016.

The wish list of places to visit and wonders to see is huge. Lets hope for the best. Jai Guru !

The RAD Family (Sarnath - Dec 2009)


Brilliant!.. keep it up AD!